What do the participants say?

Participants say, we do,
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What the participants say about our courses
and about us?

Data Training: "We are not perfect, we are human, we make mistakes, we learn, we repair and we all grow, participants and trainers.
We make teams in classes and we all help each other there, we stay in touch in the future and we help each other further. "

@marcela This course made all the money for me .. and Andrei is absolutely brilliant (Trainer Andrei Lazar)
Python course in Data Analysis & Data Science
I would never have imagined how much the statistics can be applied in the business area in which I operate. It seems to me that he is 'opening his eyes'. " (Trainer Andrei Lazar)
Python course in Data Analysis & Data Science
"I liked the structure of the course and the way it was presented. Stefan always answered our questions, was patient with us and at the same time provided us with extra materials to be able to go deeper. We" left "from very curious course, I can't wait to use PBI for business :-). " (Trainer Stefan Stoian)
Raluca T.
Power BI course
"I attended most of the classes with Marcela Filip and the last two sessions with Andreea Geancu. They helped me a lot to understand, they are both very involved and devoted in what they do."
Bianca T.
Excel courses
"Dear Marcela, I want to thank you very much for everything you have taught us, especially the way you did it. Hats off for patience and tact! It is not at all easy to work with people, but you do it excellently and you manage the moments of tension extraordinarily. I'm very glad that I was lucky to find such a good teacher in your person and I hope to see you at the other courses as well. " (Trainer Marcela Filip)
Ioana F.
Excel Data Analysis course
"It is only the first course offered by Data Training in which I participate. On the site, the structuring of the courses presented seems logical and cohesive. , the SQL querying for Business course was intense, I consider that the training was well organized, very well structured, and the trainer very good in teaching, explains the assimilation process. " (Trainer Andrei Tudorache) - meanwhile Ana has traveled with us: Excel Automation Reports, Power BI Desktop and is on the list of future participants in many other courses, and we are grateful for the trust received. Thanks, Ana!
Ana U.
SQL Querying For Business Course