Data is our strategy!

We talk business and we write technically!

From Business to IT,
tour - return!

Data Training was born from the motivation to build courses suitable for real life at work. We know that learning is solid when it comes to practice, questions, debate. The questions from all the courses coming from the participants increase the level of the course, and the trainer comes with challenges, so that we outline beautiful and healthy trainings.

The whole Data Training approach means "data in the spotlight", it means Tech for Business, "We speak business and we write technically!". That's how we caress this road. We know that technically it means business, we know that IT is creative because of business.

All the trainings are organized according to the jobs and we cover 90% from what can be done with the data in a company, from the usual reports in Excel, to the sophisticated dashboards in Power BI, but not before preparing them rigorously in SQL.

We rely on the fact that only a practical training, with multiple business cases, where the participants work side by side with the trainer, brings value and satisfaction. In this way we make progress.

How do we do things?

We pass on our expertise

We start the courses from result to implementation. This way we know where we want to go.
What does this thing mean? All our courses start with "Business needs… for…". In this way we know why we work and where our result is used, and the motivation is much higher when we know the usefulness of our work. We understand why we do things technically.

Then we start the technical implementation always keeping in mind the result we want to reach.

Each training we support means interaction and many kilometers in the classroom or many shares. We encourage everyone to bring situations from the job, questions from interviews to the course. We all learn from practical examples, and to see the fulfillment in the eyes of the students is our satisfaction trainers. How are we doing in class? We bring challenges: "but here if I change this, how do I work further?", "And if the report comes under urgency, how do I deliver the result quickly and be the desired one and not rework?".
Rework means the difficulty of any job. Doing and redoing means routine, stationary.
Being efficient means asking questions, knowing the need, knowing the business strategy.
We encourage additional questions and knowledge of the impact of any project!

Every job or part of a job should lead to good performance, first of the person, then professionally. A training requires, above all, organization. A training builds the base correctly and gives the trainees the chance to rigorously set further challenges, and all with the desire to do and know more.
When it comes out, there is joy and fulfillment: "I did it!" and thus the courage to continue is set.
Doing what you love means performance!

What do we learn together?

Our expertise means data, from analysis to development, from Excel to Python,
via SQL and Power BI.

Excel courses
Google Sheets courses
SQL Server courses
Power BI courses
Python courses
Azure courses

Some feedback from participants

"It was an exceptional course taught, and Andrei has all the merit, he is a trainer with pedagogical talent, who knew how to explain the concepts of the course for everyone to understand." (SQL Querying For Business Course, Trainer Andrei Tudorache)
Alexandra I.
SQL Querying For Business Course
"It was perfect. I really liked Andreea. I haven't attended such a relaxed course in a long time." (Excel Data Analysis Course, Trainer Andreea Geangu)
Ioana T.
Excel Data Analysis course
"Dear Marcela, I want to thank you very much for everything you have taught us, especially the way you did it. Hats off for patience and tact! It is not at all easy to work with people, but you do it excellently and you manage the moments of tension extraordinarily. I'm very glad that I was lucky to find such a good teacher in your person and I hope to see you at the other courses as well. " (Excel Data Analysis Course, Trainer Marcela Filip)
Ioana F.
Excel Data Analysis course
It's been a long time since I've been sad that a course has ended. Andrei's level of knowledge is absolutely amazing. (Python Course in Data Analysis & Data Science, Trainer Andrei Lazar)
Python course in Data Analysis & Data Science